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TM Offers Promo Extension for only 5 Pesos

A great offer from Touch Mobile, you can extend your Promo Subscription for just 5 pesos. Their new, TM extend, is applicable to AstigTxt10, AstigCombo10, Combo10, Combo15, AstigTxt15, AstigTxt20 and AstigTxt30.

This is how it works, when you are registered to any of the mentioned TM promo, for  just Php5 you can extend it. 3 hours before your registered promo expires, you will receive a notification message that will allow you to extend the promo for 5 Pesos.

Simply reply to 8888 with a message containing, EXTEND. The good news is that you can extend your promo 3 times consecutively. Best choice for subscribers who frequently register for promo.

For more information about the new promo, EXTEND, visit TM’s official website www.republikaTM.ph.


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