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Pinoy Vendetta

TV5 Official website gets security notification by Pinoy Vendetta

Update: the website is still not fixed, that is about 14 hours ago 🙂

The online portal of TV5 is not exempted of the latest action by the Filipino hacking crew, Pinoy Vendetta. The same  hackers who had its name aired in latest cyber attacks locally.
TV5 (formerly known as ABC 5) is a major Filipino commercial television network based in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines

When visiting the front page of TV5 (www.tv5.com.ph), just below the (mid) navigation menu in the what’s new section, a new article is published entitled “pv notify.”

pinoy vendetta hacked tv5

It is just a notification, a Pinoy Vendetta representative told me on Facebook.

On clicking the article, a pop message will then show “hacked by pv” with simple content “GREETINGS.”

pinoy vendetta pop up message tv5 hacked


In the current time, there is no sign of TV5 website admin fixing the issue. The article is still on the front page, greeting every visitor of the site.

We are not sure for now if who is the guy behind this hacking, one thing is for sure, he or she is part of Pinoy Vendetta.

Official website of TV5.

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