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University of St La Salle website hacked by thenetanon!

Update: Website now completely defaced.

 Thenetanon  claim to has hacked into the official website of University of St La Salle. He has penetrated the main website of the said University and one sub site.

Apparently, the hacker has manage to find a blind  SQL injection vulnerability in the website. In which later, gives him the access of the control panel.

Control Pannel

From the main website (usls.edu.ph), the hacker made nothing but just a simple modification in one of its sliders. “Hacked by : THENETANON – the anon cyber platoon.”

The same alteration is also made in one USLS sub site, Institute for Negros Development (http://www.usls.edu.ph/ind/index.php).

In the Institute of Negros Development case, the hacker pointed out the security glitch. As according to him, the administrator of the site just use a common password “123“.

URI of the affected site here: http://www.usls.edu.ph/

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