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University of the Philippines Cebu defaced by Guatemalans

 Update: The first defacement happened on June 23, it was also defaced last July 4 and approximately 11am-12pm yesterday. A quite interesting, the UP Cebu website is already fixed, not by the website developer but by “Nefarious” of Anonymous Philippines. According to him, he has restored the website using the backup files by the real admin, good thing the hacker does not delete anything except for the index file.

Visitors of University of the Philippines, Cebu website are greeted by messages “hacked by Pisher Black.”

The home page of the Educational institution is changed, with black background and text that suggests the hacker in action is from Guatemala.

Guatemala is a country in Central America, along with countries like  Belize, El Salvador and Honduras.

In the hackers message however, no clear reason of the hack is being posted.

University of The Philippines Cebu Hacked

A quick query in Google also indicates that the website (www.upcebu.edu.ph) has no record that it has been hack since.

Note: Time of defacement is not known. Till now the website still displays the hacker’s message.

Thanks to Nefarious for the info!

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