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Unknown attacker taunts Chinese hacker group

Earlier this week, the official website of Philippine Public Safety College ( ppsc.gov.ph ) was defaced by a Chinese hacker group. Google Cache captured the defacement on July 2.

The defacers claimed to be part of a Chinese hacker group, 1937CN. They then left a message depicting that the cyber attack was fueled by the ongoing dispute with Philippines and China over West Philippine Sea.

ppsc hacked


They also strongly stressed that they do not like President Pnoy Aquino. “We Do Not Like Aquino,” one of their message reads.

Currently, a few days after the defacement, the PPSC website now displays another message which taunts the Chinese hackers.

“1937CN are noobs,” an unknown attacker writes with n other information about his identity.

Last April 2015, Unified hackers have attacked and defaced several Chinese government, educational and commercial websites.


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