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Video sharing now enabled in Instagram

Facebook, who bought Instagram last year for almost 1 billion dollars, officially announced Thursday, at the press event in their headquarters in Menlo Park, that they added Video On Instagram as the newest feature of the famous photo-based social site.

Bringing this video-sharing feature to Instagram is a move that will challenge Vine, also another video-sharing app but owned by other social media giant, Twitter. However, unlike its video snippets that only allow a maximum of six seconds, Facebook’s Video On Instagram can be 15 seconds long. According to Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, the time is just good enough for cinema-like “Goldilocks moments” – not too long but also not too short.


This Instagram feature will be compatible with iPhones and Android phones, it offers thirteen filters to bring special effects, and like photos, it will be posted to Facebook wall’s too.

In addition, Systrom also stated that all videos uploaded using this new feature, would never be use for any Facebook’s advertisements or commercials, and users will be the original owners of it. In fact, at present, Facebook is not yet making any money from Instagram.

Source: Channel NewsAsia

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