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Websites from Philippines targeted by XTnR3v0LT

The hacker claimed of the cyber attack. It includes firing Distributed Denial of Service to the President’s website, president.gov.ph, and defacing tobacocity’s website as response to #saynotocybercrimelaw part of Operation Philippines.

The culprit is from the hacker group xL3gi0n, XTnR3v0LT. He is the man behind one of the largest database leaking called Operation Leak.

As mentioned, the Official website of the president, president.gov.ph is being attacked by DDOS. It was allegedly down for minutes but back up running after several minutes. Hacker tweets, #philipine president website #down @xL3gi0nhackers you may #expectus @Cyber_War_News @PinoyTechNews. 

A page of Tobaccocity.com.ph is hacked and defaced. A message reads, “HACKED BY XTNR3V0LT WE WANT PEACE opphilipine phase II We are XL3GI0N You are nothing You will fall in the hands of our follows sisters and brothers We unite as one but fight as many this attack is against cyber crime law.” The official website of Maydolong, Samar is attacked wherein full database is deleted.

Hacker warns more of cyber attacks coming against Philippine websites.

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