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Website’s hacked by AnonGhosT under #Opisrael reloaded

#OpIsrael reloaded  was launched on 7-June-  2013, till now there are many websites have been hacked & defaced and as we explained in our last post that how this war is “Hackers vs. Hackers”because Israeli Hackers launched #OpIslam and in result of this Islamic Hackers (Anonghost) launched #OpIsrael reloaded.

From both end of Hackers website hacking and leaks have been done or working live on them but one of the Islamic Supporter hacker group AnonGhosT hacked several websites of Israel and has made much more damage than Israeli Hackers, below is the List of Damage under #OpIsrael Reloaded.

List of the sites
+248 sites israeli sites hacked !

Also the Israel Election President Website Hacked By AnonGhosT